Tripura Baptist Achik Krima

TBAK  Dilgiparang.JPG

The Tripura Baptist A·chik Krima started in with the need felt to worship the Lord in one's own language. The Garos wanted to worship in their Heart language, in which they can express themselves best. They tried to use Bengali which was the medium of instruction at that time in schools and their work place. So among them Mrs.Amila Jengcham, Mr.Girish Chisim, Mr.Pramode Rema, Mr.Subhas Sangma From 1968 onwards this small group of Garo people began worshiping God in their own language. Then in 1970 a blind missionary, Lemson D.Sangma came from Assam, Goalpara District, who has done hard work to uplift Garo Christians in their language and culture. On 2nd October,1981 Garo Christians took the name "Tripura Baptist A·chik Krima" (TBAK) and began to worship and conduct annual meetings in their own language. Thus Tripua Baptist A·chik Krima continue to work in Tripura for God's glory.